Important information

Residence permit

All foreign nationals who intend to study in Norway need to have residence permit. This means you are required to return to your country of residence when your education has ended.

Students from EEA-countries

Special rules apply to students who are included under the European Economic Agreement (EEA). If you come from such a country, you may apply for a residence permit within 3 months after entry. This is done at the local police station. In addition to provide proof of sufficient means and a medical insurance, you also need a letter of acceptance from a Norwegian school.

Students from other countries

Some nations have visa agreements with Norway. Procedures for applying for a residence/student permit  is obtainable from the Norwegian foreign service missions abroad (embassy/consulate).  It is very important that you know which agreements your country is bound to before you come to Norway.

Application for residence permit

Applications for permits must be made from your country of origin or in the country where you have held a residence permit during the last six months.

Together with your application for residence permit you must enclose:

  1. Letter of acceptance from a school in Norway
  2. A plan for your course of study
  3. Documentation that shows you have a place to live (a folkhighschool offers this)
  4. A confirmation of payment. The school fees must be paid before applying.

Please note that it may take a long time for your application to be processed. It is in your interest that you allow the Directorate of Immigration plenty of time to deal with your case well before your studies is due to start. At Nordmøre Folkehøgskule the academic year starts at the end of August.


The education is free, but there are some expenses regarding your stay here.

  • Board and lodging NOK 70.800,-
  • Material costs NOK 13.000,-
  • Course fee NOK 32.700

This covers all fees and costs concerning books, meals, internet, electricity and study-trips to either Los Angeles, New York, Katowice or Costa Rica.

Some practical information

You can bring your own bedclothes. However, if you would prefer to to travel light,  you can borrow from the school for a small fee. The students have their own laundry room where you can wash your clothes. As for extra clothing, you would need both clothes indoor sports and activities, as well as clothes for hiking and outdoor activities. You probably already know that the Norwegian winter can be quite cold, so it would be a good idea to bring a set warmer clothes as well. Of course, it is also possible to buy what you need here in Surnadal.

Do you need more information?

Please contact:

Nordmøre Folkehøgskule, N-Surnadal, Norway
Telephone : +47-71658900
Fax : +47-71658919