About us

Nordmøre Folkehøgskule is situated in Surnadal about 2 hours by bus from Trondheim. It is one of the 81 Norwegian Folk High Schools, and this school is owned and operated by an independent foundation called Nordmøre Høgskulelag.

Boarding School

Like the other Folk High Schools, Nordmøre Folkehøgskule is a boarding school. Most students share double rooms, but the school also have 6 single rooms. The 80 students come from all parts of Norway and the surrounding Nordic countries, but also from other parts of the world. About 5-10 students every year are foreign students. Since all students live on campus, they share most of their classes and leisure time together. The school's special rooms such as photolab, gym and craft workshops are open for  activity after class hours. Most of the students are 18-21 years old, but there will also be a few younger and older students.

Admission and courses

Nordmøre Folkehøgskule offer student places from the first of February, and practice a policy of continuous admission until the beginning of the school year. Most students at Nordmøre Folkehøgskule prefer to join the main course that lasts 33 weeks, from the end of August until the beginning of May. However, the school also offers half year courses for the autumn semester or the spring semester.

Course structure

Lessons at Nordmøre Folkehøgskule can be divided into three areas:

  • Common lessons/activities (About 14h/w)
  • Main topics (13h/w)
  • Electives (6-14 h/w)
  • All lessons are compulsory.​

Common lessons/activities

Common lessons are lessons that all students attend at the same time. At Nordmøre Folkehøgskule common lessons are such as current issues, cultural and aesthetic subjects, the school's choir, fitness, practical work etc. Some common activities are connected with program evenings, special projects or trips or study-tours together. Some times each semester the school is visited by professional theatres, or artists giving concerts.

Main topics

  • Acting for film
  • Hiking and outdoor sports
  • Filmproduction
  • Modern Artist (Music)
  • E-Sports
  • Taekwon-Do & Fitness
  • Makeup Artist
  • Traning 
  • Foto & Travel

Instructions in class will be given 12 lessons a week, but each student is expected to be working individually during leisure hours. Library, classrooms and special rooms are open until eleven o´ clock every night.

In addition to selecting from our diverse list of main courses, foreign students will receive tuition in Norwegian language and culture, 2-3 lessons a week. During your stay you will get to know Norway, its people and their culture.

There are many ways to spend your time here at school and the local area. During the day and afternoon you can choose from a vast range of electives, from summer and winter sports, martial arts and hiking, to roleplaying, music and theatre. We also arrange evening activities for those who just can't get enough.


In addition to common lessons and a main topic, each student chooses at least three electives each semester. These are some of the electives you can choose between: Photoshop, barista, music/band, skiing, ceramics, snowboard, football and many others. Electives will depend on the students' interests, and available teachers. Nordmøre Folkehøgskule will be giving a course for foreign students that will last until February. This course will be an introduction to Norwegian language, society and culture.


You will be attending a group of foreign students from different countries 2 lessons a week. You attend common lessons and electives together with Norwegian students (about 31-39 hr/w). Each student will be offered individual help on his/her own level.

  • Language lessons
  • Exercises using workbook and computers.
  • Exercises in listening, reading and conversation.

Norwegian culture

What is typically Norwegian? What is "Norwegian culture"? We look closer at Norwegian traditions and customs, and compare them to other cultures. Each student makes a presentation of his/her own culture.

About Surnadal

Nordmøre Folkehøgskule is situated almost in the middle of Norway in a small village called Surnadal. The municipality of Surnadal (with about 6000 inhabitants), lies in the innermost northern part of Møre og Romsdal, between the wild coast of the west country and the gentler landscape of Trøndelag. Between these extremes lie lush green valleys and the majestic mountain realm of Trollheimen.


The mountain realm of Trollheimen is famous for its variety, with wild mountains, glaciers, lush green valleys, woods, marshes and lakes.

The area offers good opportunities for all kinds of outdoor life, including skiing. The Alpine centre at Sæterlia in Surnadal is located near Nordmøre Folkehøgskule. It has a run of 2.300 m, of which 1.400 is floodlit. There is also an extensive network of floodlit tracks for cross-country skiing in the woods and mountains in the surroundings of the school.

Clean nature, air and water

In Surnadal and its surroundings you will be met with clean nature, air and water. Kårvatn has for several years had the cleanest water in Europe! In short distance from the school you can enjoy this clean and beautiful nature. And in Surnadal you will also find a wide variety of organisations and clubs for sports, music, politics etc.